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Wilderness Experiential Learning Program exclusively for students

The Vanvaas

Wilderness Experiential Learning

Experiential learning is defined as a process through which students develop knowledge, skills, and values from direct experiences outside a traditional academic setting.


Aaranyachar aims to do the same wherein nature can be the teacher and forests, the classroom who help develop a sense of understanding about our landscapes , communities, culture, traditions and how everyone can help keep our wilderness spaces safe in the long run.

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The Vanvaas Program : Highlights

Wildlife Safaris

Learning about habitats, species and experiencing the sounds of the forest.

Nature Trails

A sensory trail that enhances your time in the wilderness.

Village Walks

An interaction to understand local culture & create awareness of traditional practices.

Forest Dept Interactions

Walk a day in the shoes of the protectors of the forests.

Art with

Engage your artistic side using the nature & its elements as a muse.

The Vanvaas Program

The Wilderness Experiential Learning Course

Created in association with the local forest department, this program is curated to impart learnings of ecology, species and their conservation exclusively for students. Beyond just wildlife watching, these journeys allow one to engage with the local cultural & social elements to broaden their outlook towards conservation issues.

Designed for students & educational institutes, the program can be tweaked to enhance specific learning based outcomes.

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