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Initially, what started as an attempt at introducing people to the Indian wilderness and to their first wild tiger, Aaranyachar today aims to introduce the world to a myriad of experiences which are beyond just the tiger and give you a holistic essence of the forest. 

Carved from personal explorations, Aaranychar merges experiential learning in and around the forests with responsible tourism practices.


Each journey allows you to slow down time & become a local, truly.  



Wilderness Experiential Learning 
Designed exclusively for students & educational institutes  

Experiential Learnng


Aaranyachar was essentially born out of an  idea to give back to the forests & its people. 

Working closely with the guardians of the Central Indian Landscape i.e. the Madhya Pradesh TIger Foundation Society as well as
Last Wilderness Foundation (NGO); Aaranyachar aims to support alternate livelihoods by adopting community driven tourism practices & aiding conservation measures. 

Aaranyachar hopes to sensitize the urban future generations to the blood, sweat & tears put by the locals in preserving India's rich wildlife heritage.

All journeys are designed to allow maximum exposure with the locals, truly allowing you to immerse in the landscape.

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